Free Moldova

Stiri si comentarii legate de vechiul pamant romanesc de peste Prut

Europe, Help Us!

To Whom it may concern,

On 29th July, in the Republic of Moldova general elections will be held as a result of Parliament dissolution, following the deadlock in electing the president of the Republic of Moldova. As you may already know, the first suffrage held this year on the 5th of April was marked by serious irregularities both before the suffrage and during it (falsified election lists, multiple voting, votes of the same person in other cities than the place of residence), a fact which led to ample protests, to contest the result of these elections as well as the legitimacy of the communist administration.

Under these circumstances, the Government and the ruling party started a repression of rare savagery against basically any person found on street, but especially against the young people, opposition politicians and free media.

These retaliations culminated with arrests, molestations and harming of hundreds of young people, rapes in police stations, as well as the deaths of three young men, as a consequence of ferocious hits from the policemen and secret service agents.

Since we notice that, in spite of the interventions of the international democratic institutions (European Parliament, CAGRE, the Council of Europe, the US State Department, the US Senate), the communist authorities from Chisinau continues to “organize” in the same “note” the next elections, we consider as from now that they will be falsified. Under these circumstances, when the Government manifests a tight control on the public mass-media, blocking the access of opposition parties and using them as instruments of communist propaganda, as they keep using the law enforcement institutions (police, prosecution, intelligence services) to harass, intimidate and frame various situations, not only to opposition politicians but to any citizen who manifests against the Voronin’s dictatorship, it is obvious that the public opinion cannot choose amongst various candidates or political platforms freely and, as a consequence, the result of these elections will not reflect the popular will.

It is difficult to fully present to you in these few lines the despair, pain and hope of the people of the Republic of Moldova, but the bare fact that more than 30% of the active population of the country has immigrated in order to keep their families, and 36.2 percent of Moldova’s GDP come from money sent home by the Moldovan emigrants, is an objective proof of the way this country is governed in Europe’s third millennium.

We come to you, in this moment of despair and great need, to ask for your moral, civic and democratic support, to ask you to take part actively and intransigently in the process of monitoring and supervising the elections in the Republic of Moldova, both during the election campaign and during the suffrage on the 29th of July, until the final results will be presented.


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