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Stiri si comentarii legate de vechiul pamant romanesc de peste Prut

How Degrading Can a Communist Be?

Arrested girls in Chisinau, asked to do push-ups and genuflexions, strip naked, in front of the policemen.

At least seven girls detained by the Moldovan police during the night from 7th to 8th April, were subjected to a degrading treatment inside the General police department, says their attorney, Lilia Prodan, quoted by Jurnal de Chisinau. According to her, the girls were brought to that location and completely stripped of their clothes, in the presence of seven policemen, to be searched.

They kept them naked for more than an hour, while they asked them to do push-ups, genuflexions, to keep their hands behind their heads. The policemen swore them terribly, using the most humiliating words to them“, says their attorney.

She adds that six of the girls were not even present at the protests. They had come to Chisinau from Cahul, together with other people, in order to take part in the demonstrations, but, because their bus had got too late in the capital, they decided to return, without going to the National Assembly Square. The bus they were in, was stopped by the policemen and turned to the General police department. There, all the 30 passengers were asked to get off and arrested.

The boys, they beat them. But for the girls, they found a special treatment“, says Lilia Prodan, adding that one of the girls who tried to refuse was hit by the policemen. “The girls told me that she had her leg broken and multiple bruises and scratches on her body. Most probably she was dragged on the floor“, the attorney explained. She also said that after a day and a half of detention, the girls and the boys were taken to the Drochia police department.

Before loading them in the prison’s truck, the young people were fed for the first time since their arrest. They were given a piece of bread and an egg, which were most probably spoilt, because during the transport they kept throwing up. They were so dirty that at first, the police in Drochia didn’t even want to take them“, says the jurist.

After five days of detention, many of the arrested girls were set free. Ina, the girl who was beaten, was kept in arrest for ten days. From what her attorney knows, the girl was not seen by a doctor, and the policemen just told her: “You’ll get over it!” After having been set free, the girls tried to get a medical certificate, but the medical experts refuse to examine them, says Jurnal de Chisinau.

Source: Unimedia


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