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Stiri si comentarii legate de vechiul pamant romanesc de peste Prut

The Truth Begins to Emerge

The Western observers begin to condemn in media the communist frauds.

“You would think 400.000 dead people came to vote”, noticed one western observer who was sent to monitor the elections in the Republic of Moldova. The observer said that one of his Moldovan friends “discovered in the elections day that in his 28 square meters lived 5 people”, says Le figaro newspaper.

A group of citizens in Orhei obtained from the law court of the town the elections lists, which were used on the 5th of April. On those lists could be found the signatures of about 45 children with disabilities, interned in the local hospital. The signatures which “confirm” that they voted are almost identical.

Another European observer did not hesitate to say that what happened on Tuesday is similar to the arson of the Reichstag, in 1933″.

Officially, the OSCE said that the elections were held democratically, even if the campaign did not allow the opposition to express itself on national media. But even the National Statistics Office has information that can confirm the frauds at the elections: in two years, the people with the right to vote increased with 10%, although the birth rate is falling abruptly”, says Le Figaro.

Apart from this, the protests on Tuesday shows beyond a doubt: the agressors that vandalized the Presidency building and arsoned the Parliament were guided by other people, says Le Figaro. According to ex-deputy Igor Klipi, who was a witness, “the destruction of the Parliament took 8 hours, and the police did not move a finger to to anything”. While a part of the building was burning, the firemen were admiring the view with a smile on their lips”.


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